Gojira FX – Defectron

This time I put together an homage to Transformers (Generation 1) and the 80s that spawned it. I went with a frankly offensive colour scheme loaded with magenta and warm orange gradients with a drawn representation of Megatron becoming Galvatron in the original Transformers animated movie. I started black and white and worked my way…

Gojira FX – Mrs. Mangel’s Muff

Based on a chance encounter, in purchasing a GojiraFX pedal and submitting customised artwork, I “met” Scott from GojiraFX (based in Scotland). We discussed making my design for the Mangler Muff pedal the primary design for this particular pedal. I designed the faceplate, and insert for both sizes of pedals and this was used across…


Collection of posters from recent History research events, including regular seminars and the international Canadian Association of Irish Studies Conference.

Boxing Lessons

Layout and design for posters for local coach Rodney McBride (from Performance Massage) in the arcade style of the video game, “Street Fighter”, using Arcade Font and Balrog Sprite.

Performance Massage

Print work for Rodney McBride’s Performance Massage: Letterheads Posters   Gift Certificates Business Cards