You Will Need Gods

Molarbear’s second release “You Will Need Gods” is due for release in December. Tracking, artwork and rough mixes are done with only a day of vocals and mastering left at Start Together Studios in Gordon Street Belfast.


I am now working at Maynooth University in County Kildare with the very 90s title of Webmaster. Finally I’ll be able to concentrate on one aspect of my design work 9-5pm (5:30pm) but so far it is a LOT less schizophrenic but I do miss the breadth of work I got to undertake at Ulster….

Representations of Jews in Irish Literature goes International

A research project I was involved in bidding for (tech spec), branded and designed the site etc. has made it on to American Television. It’s awesome to see something you had a role in take legs. It’s entirely down to the researchers and their incredible acumen in uncovering a completely new facet of Literature but…

Gee Bee Model R

Beautiful but dangerous. There’s something incredibly appealing about this little plane. Designed for manoeuvrability  in air races, it inspires some kind of retro futuristic feeling in it’s seeming denial of laws of physics and traditional aeronautical design. I love it. It reminds me of the Famicon video game Twin Bee. For some reason I had…

Gojira FX – Defectron

This time I put together an homage to Transformers (Generation 1) and the 80s that spawned it. I went with a frankly offensive colour scheme loaded with magenta and warm orange gradients with a drawn representation of Megatron becoming Galvatron in the original Transformers animated movie. I started black and white and worked my way…


Fun personal project for a friend and prolific writer who is starting a new blog about her experiences with yoga with the humour and obvious Irish flavour for which she is known. Link to follow. Find out more about Ciara here:

Pivot Thinking

Great article and video on “Pivot Thinking” and the history and neuroscience behind design thinking Source: A Brief History of Design Thinking: How Design Thinking Came to ‘Be’


As it turns out, many organizations just don’t have a need for personas to drive design decisions, because most of their design needs just aren’t that complex. I know many folks out there who are a bit more idealistic than I am might bristle on this—and I want to hear from them—but there comes a…


Finally put some of my portfolio work up on Béhance and consequently Adobe Portfolio. Anyone who’d like to employ me from Ireland- I’m committed to moving down, don’t be put off by my UK details ?

360 cameras

We are experimenting with Theta S 360 cameras. Used these at All SySTEMs GO! events to make these time-lapse videos. Quality was initially very poor using the app but Alan imported the Hi-res images in to turn 1080s (720p) into 4k-ish (2160s?) video. You need Chrome browser (doesn’t work in Safari) or a mobile phone…

EuroCALL & Debbie McCune

Manic month of January coming to an end and updates from before Christmas include final completion of EuroCALL brand (site designed already delivered) and fiction author Debbie McCune (brand and site):    

Representations of Jews in Irish Literature

I’m glad to be involved in this project. The exhibitions are starting to launch and it is getting a little bit exciting! The launch event in Dublin was fantastically attended and congratulations to the whole team! More updates towards the end of the month as we begin to wrap up the site. Royal Irish Academy Review

A Day at the BBC

MOLARBEAR interviewing for BBC Introducing for the track Party McFly (below). Thanks to BBC and Peter McCaughey. Goath Dobhair in the morning to film Ulster promotional video for our Irish Studies course and then back to Belfast for a gig…